Ittica Villaregia

Twenty years of experience and professionalism, in the business and processing of fish products, has made it possible for the founding member, Flavio Roncon, to create a product range called "Ittica Villaregia". The company was founded in 2000 on a surface of 40,000 sqm, of which 1,500 sqm is covered.

The factory located in Porto Viro at the mouth of the river Po, is a newly built facility with technologically advanced systems and selected and continuously trained staff that transforms and packs seafood products.

The company policy is particularly attentive to the raw materials used. For this purpose, Ittica Villaregia uses a fish farm that has been producing eels and sturgeons for years.

The company also selects quality products from certified suppliers on the international market.

The unique quality of Ittica Villaregia products lies in the continuous research into processing methods, allowing us to offer high quality items, packed in trays and buckets, to satisfy the various types of market. Logistics are guaranteed by company vehicles and national hauliers.

In the Ittica Villaregia catalogue, in addition to products such as marinated or salted anchovies, cuttlefish, octopus, mussels and blue fish, the Villa Regia salads and the Polesana salad stand out for their balanced taste. In addition, marinated eels, marinated sturgeon and octopus Carpaccio give the right value to the originality of the items and the commitment of the company that has always been committed to research and quality, in the catalogue.